Services We Provide

Management Consulting

We advise companies in the retail payments industry on important issues in regards to long term growth and business
success.  Our projects include:
              + Creating Product Development Plans
              + Providing market and competitive assessments
              + Identifying growth segments
              + Advising on emerging payment products launches

Project Management

We know how to get things done on time and on budget.  We specialize in working with large companies across multiple
organizations and divisions within the enterprise.  Typical areas of project management include:
              + Creating RFPs and RFIs
              + Managing vendor software development projects
              + Tactical recommendations for pricing and product positioning
              + Market and business development management

Training and Education

We provide training and education in all aspects of retail card payments.  Training and education is vital for an organization at
all times and even more so when in a rapidly changing industry such as retail payments.  Our training and education
services include:
              + Conducting web and phone seminars
              + Presenting entry, mid- and advanced payments topics at customer and association conferences
              + Creating manuals and education resources
              + Constructing ongoing payments training programs for new and advancing employees

We are electronic payments specialists.  Specialists in credit card issuance and acquiring, debit card and stored value card
issuance and acceptance, ATM transaction processing, electronic bill presentment and payment and emerging products,
such as internet payments.  As specialists we are able to deep dive into problems and topics that the generalists in our
industry can only touch on the surface.  Every one of our solutions is custom...crafted from the  uniqueness of your business,
culture and organization.  At Two Sparrows Consulting, we're ready and able to help you meet and exceed your goals.  May
we have your business?

Two Sparrows Consulting